The Lies Liberals Tell: Their “Environment Trumps Jobs” Narrative

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Drew Kincaid | Patriots Freedom

We’ve spent the past several days exposing manipulative narratives sold to us by The Left. Today I’d like to open a Pandora’s Box by introducing another one: 

The environment. They want to save the environment. 

At the cost of jobs. And, frankly, people. 

So, the environment is critical to them, at least that’s the narrative. Only, their plans to save it don’t exactly make sense. Take the Keystone Pipeline, for instance. Biden has signed an Executive Order to shut it down, pointing to climate change/saving the environment as his reason. 

If only it were that easy. Or that accurate. 

Here’s a hard truth no one on The Left seems willing to face: it’s not going to help the environment to shut down the pipeline. But it will kill of multiplied thousands of jobs. 

Democrats never seem to worry about killing off jobs. Which is weird, if you think about it. When it comes to a battle between the environment and jobs, the environment wins every time. So, environment will always trump jobs. 

Oops. Did I say Trump

It also trumps relationships. And agreements. And common sense. 

Let’s be more specific: Killing off the pipeline will create four catastrophic problems for the U.S.: 

  1. It will damage our relationship with Canada. Consider this recent tweet from Alberta Premier Jason Kenney: “I am deeply concerned by reports that the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden may repeal the Presidential permit for the Keystone XL border crossing next week.” (See the end of this article for his full statement.) 
  1. It will raise oil prices. That’s a given. 
  1. It will boost unemployment. It already has. 
  1. And, as I mentioned above, it will do absolutely nothing to help the environment. 

Let’s unpack the truth of that last claim a little further. 

Dan Crenshaw (R-Tx) had this to say: “Canceling this pipeline does nothing for the environment. It is for his radical base. He’s appeasing them on day one.”

Of course, Dan’s not a specialist on the environment. He’s a politician. If only we had someone we could trust to confirm Dan’s words. 

Oh, wait. . .we do. 

In an article titled Why the cancellation of Keystone XL is Bad for the Climate, the Environment and Canada, A Chemist in Langley had this to say: 

By now we all know that President Biden has cancelled the Presidential Permit for the Keystone XO (KXL) pipeline. Needless to say climate activists have gleefully celebrated the decision. But as I pointed out on Twitter, cancelling KXL will not reduce Alberta oil production and will not decrease global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The cancellation of the project is a massive windfall for US refiners and rail interests; a loss to provincial and federal coffers; will increase the GHG intensity of the oil; and will increase the risk to rail communities.

Nothing is in place to stop oil producers from moving their product from one pipeline location to another via a rail bridge. Admittedly, doing so will increase the cost and GHG intensity of the oil but given the potential profit this project isn’t really a hard one to envision. To be specific, the 2014 SEIS calculated that the total GHG emissions attributed to using either rail or a combination of rail/pipeline would range from 28% to 42% greater (in the transportation step), than moving that same volume of oil by KXL. (A Chemist in Langley)

When that oil is transported by train, the environment will really suffer. So, in essence, Biden is making this problem worse, not better. (And not just because he’s breaking agreements, killing jobs, and raised the price of oil.) 

You can read the full statement from Alberta Premier Jason Kenney below. He further unpacks the truth of what will happen once this pipeline project is halted. But before you do, just know one thing: It’s not about the environment, folks. It never was. 

It’s about control. 

Photo courtesy @Alberta Premier Jason Kenney/Twitter


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