Lies from the Left: Their “It’s Not That Kind of Socialism” Narrative

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Drew Kincaid | Patriots Freedom

“If socialists understood economics they wouldn't be socialists.”
― Friedrich Hayek

According to a recent article from The Christian Post, Americans are less enthusiastic about socialism after the 2020 election. As a conservative, I’ve always been boggled by The Left’s obsession with this failed governmental system in the first place. But it does bring me some relief to see that people aren’t as fascinated with it, now that Biden is in office. 

Ironic, really. Because what I’ve noticed over the past few weeks is a more dictatorial form of governing from our new president, one I might expect from a wannabe socialist. He never claimed to tip as far to the left as Bernie, AOC, and some of the others in his party, but his sweeping executive orders are making this administration appear less democratic every day, which is perplexing to many of us who thought he was more of a centrist. 

Add to Biden’s “rule by order,” the forced narratives from The Left, the censorship of their counterpart, (Big Tech), the doxing, job losses, mandates, lockdowns, and so forth. . .and I think most of us would agree we’ve felt anything but free over the past year. These restrictions might seem normal in a socialist country, but not the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

It’s almost like we’re ramping up for something big. Something beyond our control. And it’s almost like they knew all along Biden would end up right where he is. . .the perfect puppeteer to lead us there. 

Smells a lot like socialism. 

Of course, folks like Bernie and AOC preach a different kind of socialism, one they’re calling “democratic.” They’re snagging the hearts of young people by offering freebies: free college education, no more loans to pay back. Free healthcare for all. Total equity, with everyone on a level playing field. Sounds good until you look at the truth of what they’re really after. 

What is this so-called “Democratic” Socialism? 

Socialists believe that free-market capitalism is a failed system and that it should be replaced by government ownership of the means of production. This means that all important decisions concerning the production of output and the direction of investment should be made by the State. The “democracy” part of the definition implies that democratic institutions such as a constitution and elections would be preserved. (Lew Rockwell)

If I could sum it up in a sentence or two, it would look like this: 

Big Government, Little People. 

Democratic socialism would make the government big and the people little.  

Kind of like what Biden is doing right now with those Executive Orders of his. He has made us small while giving the government and Big Tech the authority to do whatever they like without consulting us. Gone are the days when what we want matters. Now, it’s all about what they tell us to do. Or, (over the year), what not to do. 

Not feeling so “democratic” any more, is it? 

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, not even close. But my eyes are wide open right now. By locking us all down and sending us stimulus checks, the socialist dream of redistribution of wealth comes to mind. And, as we lose our rights on social media, I grow even more alarmed that we’re giving away our rights, one inch at a time. (Or, in the case of 2020, a yard at a time.)  

While researching, I stumbled across this quote from Georga Barna, director of Research at the Cultural Research Center:

“Transitioning from socialism to capitalism would be a major, life-changing choice that will have dramatic consequences and far-reaching impacts on the health and well-being of our country and its people. Yet, because they are inadequately educated on these matters, many people are easily swayed by superficial, tangential, or emotional arguments. It is clear that today Americans are suffering from a deficit of insight into the details of governance and national economics. It is in the best interests of the nation and its future to help people of all ages better understand the meaning and long-term implications of socialism before substantial systemic changes are made.”

My take? There is no “different kind of socialism.” It’s all one and same. And, as we all know, true socialism is just one lock-step away from communism. And once we take steps in that direction, friends, I don’t see how we can turn back. 

If it looks like communism. . .

If it smells like communism. . .
If it takes away your rights like communism. . .
Well, it certainly ain’t democratic. 


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