Jen Psaki Gets Access to Press Questions in Advance


Hannah McDermott | Patriots Freedom

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary is becoming famous for “circling back” to any tough questions she might receive from reporters during press conferences at the White House. Some would say it’s an easy way to avoid answering questions when she doesn’t know the answer. 

I know what that feels like, but I rarely have anyone available to cover for me. I usually just stumble over my words as I say something like, “I don’t know,” or “Give me some time to figure this out.” 

Not Psaki. She’s got people to help with that sort of things. Biden’s administration has come up with the perfect solution so that Psaki isn’t put on the spot in front of the American public: They want access to the reporters’ questions in advance. That way Jen doesn’t have to have that blank expression on her face that says, “I have absolutely no idea.” 

And there’s nothing like a blank expression when you claim to have the answers to everything, as Biden’s administration does.  

Regarding the early access, has reported: 

The press team of the 46th president has not refuted claims that they prematurely sought reporters’ questions ahead of time; however, the press team is attempting to justify this by claiming that fishing for questions ahead of time increases daily press briefings’ usefulness and informative nature.

I’ve thought of another reason Psaki might want to have access to the questions in advance: She can avoid you altogether if she’s not keen on answering. 

Can you even imagine how different things would have been if Sarah Sanders had been given that same opportunity? Or Kayleigh McEneny? 

I do understand this will speed things up. These meetings could drag on and on. And of course there’s always the possibility that Jen might be thrown off by a question and end up saying something she’d regret later. But to have the ability to pick and choose who you might want to respond to? That sounds a bit like censorship to me. 

I’m thinking I know which reporters they might choose to avoid.  

One thing’s for sure: If there’s anything the Biden White House knows how to do well. . .it’s censor conservatives. 


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