Impeachment Trial for Citizen Trump Plows Forward (Thanks to Six Republicans)


Lazzaro Rossi | Patriots Freedom

A friend shared a funny story the other day. He was playing a friendly game of basketball with some local guys and spent most of the game playing for one team. At some point the decision was made to stir things up, and he was switched to the opposite team. 

I laughed as he shared how confused he got, switching mid-game. He explained that he accidentally ran toward the wrong goal. (Can you imagine, taking a shot to help your opponent win?) 

In essence, that’s what six Republicans in the Senate did yesterday when they voted with Democrats to move forward with the impeachment trial against “Citizen Trump.” It should have been an easy choice for all of the Republicans to see the unconstitutionality of this trial, but, no. . .these six switched jerseys and headed for the other goal, ball in hand. 

  • Mitt Romney
  • Bill Cassidy 
  • Pat Toomey
  • Lisa Murkowski
  • Ben Sasse
  • Susan Collins

As if to drive home the point, Craig Caplan (Capitol Hill producer from C-Span) posted this: 

Photo courtesy @twitter

Let’s skip right over the “Leahy presiding” part. There’s enough material in that one sentence alone for a completely different article. No, I would like to focus on the headline from C-Span: Senate impeachment trial of fmr President Donald Trump is constitutional. 

If you read that headline not knowing any better, you would probably think it was constitutional. But just because 56 Democrats and RINOs say so doesn’t make it so. They can’t rewrite the Constitution and pretend they’re leaving it verbatim. 


The Constitution mentions an impeachment process for “the President” and goes on to say he shall be removed from office for his crimes. 

Only, Trump isn’t the president. He’s a private citizen. 

Removal from office is the penalty. 

Read that again: Removal from office is the penalty, according to the Constitution. 

How can these six Republicans possibly think he can be removed from the Oval Office when he no longer sits there?

Friends, this is a kangaroo court and these 56 wanna-be justices aren’t hyper-focusing on what the Constitution says. They’re focusing on what their political careers are saying.  And their careers are saying, “We can NEVER let Orange Man in office again.” 

End of story. 


It must feel really weird, to be playing for the wrong team. You’re wearing a red jersey but you keep taking shots at the goal on the far end of the court. And every time you score, the guys in blue cheer. The crowd is confused, of course, but you don’t seem to care about them. You just want to stand out, to be noticed. 

These six are standing out. And, in my humble opinion, they are acting out. They’re like those self-righteous kids in school who were happy to rat out the other kid. Only, in this case, there’s no need for ratting out. Trump did not incite violence. Trump is not the president. Even if Trump did commit “crimes and misdemeanors” he can’t possibly receive the punishment because he doesn’t reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  

So, if the punishment doesn’t fit the (so-called) crime, then what? 

Folks, this was always about making sure Trump never runs for office again. And who—along with liberals—wants to see him prohibited from ever running again? 

  • Mitt Romney
  • Bill Cassidy 
  • Pat Toomey
  • Lisa Murkowski
  • Ben Sasse
  • Susan Collins


Because they’re doing that weird thing that Democrats always do—they’re virtue signaling. It’s a holier-than-thou move. Again, to get attention. 

Go ahead and put on the blue jerseys, folks. We’re better off putting new red jerseys in in 2022, anyway.  


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