Democrats Breaking Rank with Biden?

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Athena Pappas | Patriots Freedom

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W. Virginia) sent a letter to President Biden asking him to switch gears and reverse course on the Keystone XL pipeline project. The letter stated that he believes pipelines are the “safest mode to transport our oil and natural gas resources and they support thousands of high-paying, American union jobs.”

He went on to say: 

“I encourage you to reconsider your decision to revoke the cross-border permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and take into account the potential impacts of any further action to safety, jobs, and energy security.” 

Manchin isn’t alone. Democrat Jon Tester from Montana also expressed support for keeping the pipeline. (Side note: You might recall that Tester is the same man who, in July of 2019, said the way to beat President Trump in the 2020 election was to “punch him in the face.”) 

How did this play out? 

Nearly a week ago the Senate held a marathon vote to back the pipeline. Manchin and Tester broke ranks with their left-leaning allies to vote for a GOP amendment supporting the energy project. 

But, wait! You know the story doesn’t stop there. Democrats aren’t about to let that happen. 

Before the final passage of Biden’s stimulus bill, Schumer (D-NY) introduced another amendment that lifted the Keystone XO provision (along with two others). His amendment was approved 57-43, preemptively opposing any ban on fracking. Tester and Manchin flip-flopped on the Republican amendment and ended up backing the Schumer amendment, instead. 

Bye, bye pipeline. 

That said, Biden can’t be comfortable with the notion that some of his people are breaking ranks with him. Earlier this week Bloomberg ran an article with this headline: Democrat Disunity on Wall, Keystone XL Threatens to Haunt Biden. 

The Senate cleared a key hurdle toward passing President Joe Biden’s stimulus plan after 15 hours and 41 roll call votes on amendments that will ultimately have little bearing on the final legislation but could signal problems for the new administration. Seven Democrats, for example, voted with Republicans to oppose any ban on fracking. And two voted in favor of the Keystone XL oil pipeline weeks after Biden revoked its presidential permit — potential warning signs as Democrats prepare a package on climate change legislation. (Bloomberg)

As we’ve already reported, multiplied thousands will be out of work, thanks to this move to shut down the Keystone project. 

But, don’t worry! As soon as our fine senators get done wasting our money on yet another pointless impeachment trial they’ll get right to work, fixing our economy.  


  1. I wish these articles would quit with the diversions. The Terrorcrats are united in their hatred of destroying this county and articles like this give false hope to conservatives. I am sick of these articles quoting Bill Mahar who will once every 100 times criticize the left and yet, somehow this is a major development. If we want to beat the left we need to realize that the left does not want compromise, they are not interested in working to improve the United State. They are only interested in absolute power and the submission of the proles.


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