AOC Claims Ted Cruz Almost Had her Murdered:

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Lazzaro Rossi | Patriots Freedom

Of course, talking about ALL of this publicly will get you booted from almost every major social media platform these days, so I guess I'll keep that to myself.”

It’s hard to know what to think about this dramatic woman. Alexandria Cortez, in a shocking statement, explained why she refuses to work with Ted Cruz on the Robinhood Scandal: 

(PHOTO: twitter)

“I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there’s common ground, but you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago. So, you can sit this one out. Happy to work w/ almost any other GOP that aren’t trying to get me killed. In the meantime, if you want to help, you can resign.” (AOC/Twitter)

Um. . .almost had her murdered? Ted Cruz? Really? 

These hyperbolic statements from The Left regarding what really happened on January 6th have reached the laughable point. I hate even saying that because people lost their lives on that date. But radical leftists like AOC have personalized the story to the point where they’ve actually got people believing this nonsense. And to specifically blame Ted Cruz, who was just one of many, many representative objecting to the vote on that date? Makes no sense, except to draw (even more) attention to herself than she already has in recent weeks. 

House Republicans have had enough. They have called on Cortez to apologize immediately and to remove and retract her comments, saying, It is our sincere hope that we all stop this heightened rhetoric and move forward to actually do the work the American people sent us here to do.”

Heightened is an understatement. 

She seems to enjoy the attention, though. On a recent Instagram post Live Cortez said: “Many, many members of the House were nearly assassinated. It's just not an exaggeration to say that at all.”

She went on to lash out at Cruz on Twitter, claiming he played a role in the violence and deaths that took place on January 6th. Why was he to blame for people dying? Supposedly because he spoke out against potential election fraud. 

Look, if speaking out against election fraud is enough to get you fired, then I guess I’m about to be out of work because I did believe (and continue to believe) there were serious shenanigans in the Nov. 3rd election. And if claiming that fraud took place makes you a murderer, then there are several million of us who are in trouble right now. 

Of course, talking about of this publicly will get you booted from almost every major social media platform these days, so I guess I’ll keep all that to myself. 

But, can we go back to the “many, many” line? If “many, many” of the Democrats were “nearly assassinated,” then why is she the only one who keeps making statements like these? Why aren’t all of the nearly-assasinated people speaking up for themselves? 

Because many-many were not nearly assassinated. Which makes one wonder why in the world she’s so prone to exaggeration. 

My take on AOC? Well, she kind of said it herself in her response to Cruz: You can get off my timeline & stop clout-chasing.


So, am I to understand she thinks she has more clout that Ted Cruz, a man who nearly won the 2016 Republican nomination for President of the United States? And armed with hatchets.

Prideful, much? 

This gal seriously needs a reality check. 


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