22 Signs You Might be a Conservative

Photo courtesy @AnniePeterson

Athena Pappas | Civil Patriot

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men,
undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
Thomas Paine

Wondering if you’re a conservative or a liberal? Still not sure after this tempestuous political season we’ve walked through?  Here are 22 signs that you just might be a true-blue (er, red) conservative. 

  1. If Big Tech hates you, you might be a conservative. 
  2. If you’ve been in Facebook jail or banned from Twitter for something you posted, you’re a true Patriot. 
  3. If you’re flying the American flag high in your front yard, you might be a conservative. 
  4. If you refuse to take down your Trump flag, you’re definitely a Patriot. 
  5. If the notion of Biden and Harris in the White House sends a shiver down your spine, you are a true conservative. 
  6. If you’re convinced Nancy Pelosi needs deliverance, you’re a real Patriot. 
  7. If you cringe when you see Hollywood-types linking arms with the Democrats, you might be a conservative. 
  8. If double-standards and hypocrisy bother you, you’re probably a conservative. 
  9. If headlines in the Mainstream Media drive you out of your mind, you might be a conservative. 
  10. If you can’t make it through a day without mentioning words like Newsmax, Sean Hannity, Parler, Rumble, or Gab, you are probably a conservative. 
  11. If you ruined Thanksgiving and/or Christmas by talking about election fraud at the dinner table you might be a conservative. 
  12. If you’re upset that you’ve suddenly been labeled violent and dangerous because of what a handful of people did on January 6th, you’re definitely a conservative. 
  13. If you’re okay with border walls, you are (for sure) a conservative. 
  14. If you love all people but don’t feel you have to agree with them, you are probably a conservative. 
  15. If you’re concerned that your friends and family members are being brainwashed by the Mainstream Media, you’re definitely a conservative. 
  16. If you roll your eyes when the words “climate control” are spoken, you’re definitely a conservative. 
  17. If you find yourself talking about “fracking,” you’re probably a conservative. 
  18. If you’ve spoken the words “Hunter Biden’s laptop” you’re a true Patriot. 
  19. If you believe people should work and pay their bills, you are an unapologetic conservative. 
  20. If you believe in an individual’s right to believe in God and talk about Him openly, you’re (for sure) a conservative. 
  21. If it makes you nauseous to see history re-written, you’re a solid conservative. 
  22. If you want to put America first (not looking down other countries, but understanding that America needs to remain strong in order for the whole world to benefit), then you, my friend, are a real conservative. 


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