2 for 2: Trump Acquitted Again

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Lazzaro Rossi | Patriots Freedom

He’s 2 for 2, folks! Trump survived (yet another) impeachment trial. 

In a vote of 57 to 43 the Senate voted to acquit President Trump of charges that he incited a crowd to storm the capitol on January 6th, 2021. 

Senate Democrats knew that they would need a 2/3 super-majority (a totally of 67 votes) to pull off an impeachment. Most Republicans signaled early on that they wouldn’t vote to impeach. Still, Democrats plowed forward, convinced they could turn the hearts of their fellow senators. 

They did manage to win over the usual few RINOs (Republicans in Name Only). Seven of them voted to impeach:   

  • Bill Cassidy (La)
    Pat Toomey (Pa)

Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
Mitt Romney (Utah)
Susan Collins (Maine)
Ben Sasse (Neb)
Richard Burr (N.C.)

In a strange twist, one of those RINOs is on record as believing the impeachment was unconstitutional. Senator Burr (R-N. Carolina) gave this statement after voting to impeach Trump:

“When this process started, I believed that it was unconstitutional to impeach a president who was no longer in office. I still believe that to be the case. However, the Senate is an institution based on precedent, and given that the majority in the Senate voted to proceed with this trial, the question of constitutionality is now established precedent.”

It’s unconstitutional. . .but we’re going to do it anyway, based on “precedent.” 

The problem with “precedent” is that it’s not a fixed mark on a target. It’s an ever-changing one. I see that as extremely dangerous. If the mark keeps moving, the rules keep changing, and if the rules keep changing, what’s the point of the Constitution. . .at all? 

In response to the trial process, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn) had this to say: 

“The House Impeachment Managers launched an unconstitutional show trial to humiliate the former President and his supporters. The Impeachment Managers have accomplished nothing but to extend the pain of the American people. They achieved one thing—Donald J. Trump’s acquittal.” 

She joined 42 other Republicans in voting to acquit. 

Thank God for the ones who did the right thing. We’ve been through enough already. Let’s get this contentious season behind us, please. America is already splintered and hurting. 

Stop the madness, Democrats. You’ve failed not once, but twice. (Let me guess. . .you’re going to shoot for a third? You’re looking for some post-Oval Office conduct to try him on?) 

I wouldn’t be surprised.  

If you listened to the defense team present their case yesterday, you heard a solid breakdown of all the reasons why Trump couldn’t possibly be blamed for inciting the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. The defense claimed: 

  • Trump’s speech called for protestors to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard, not “storm the Capitol.”
  • Trump has a long-standing history of calling for “law and order,” not rioting or mayhem. 
  • Trump’s speech (regardless of content) was protected under the 1st Amendment. (Part of the crux of this argument was the fact that elected officials carry an even greater 1st Amendment protection.) 
  • The plot to storm the Capitol actually took place days or weeks in advance, (and there is documentation to prove it). 
  • The “questionable” phrases in Trump’s speech (mostly about “fighting”) have been used by every Senator at some point and are normal phrases used by politicians. 
  • Trump responded quickly on Twitter, calling for calm and order.  
  • The entire impeachment trial process was unconstitutional, since Trump is no longer the President

The defense also countered the Democrats’ carefully edited videos with several videos of their own, including lengthy portions of Trump’s speech, which put the Democrats’ accusation in the correct context and proved them completely false.  

They won me over. 

Oh, who am I kidding. . .I never thought Trump was guilty of anything. Still, I’m very relieved this mess is behind us. Now, could someone please give us a tally of the costs for this farce of an impeachment? Are we all going to have to take on extra jobs to pay for these senseless charades? If the Democrats stay in power for long. . .maybe.


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